Choose a Direction, Markets…

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Daily Trade Alerts

The market has become a high-wire circus.

After rocketing 312 points higher just yesterday, the Dow is set to drop 325 at the open this morning. Even NASDAQ futures are down 185. S&P 500 futures are down 48. Aside from the debt ceiling, geopolitical issues, inflationary fears, and the Federal Reserve, an energy price surge is ticking off quite a few investors. Last checked, natural gas hit a 13-year high, as oil surged to a seven-year high, now trading at $78.64.

While we could always buy oil stocks, such as Northern Oil and Gas (NOG), or even Murphy Oil (MUR), both have become technically oversold and ready to drop.

Let’s do this for today.

Let’s stay on the sidelines this morning. If the storm clouds clear up, and markets decide to pick a direction, we can always issue a trade idea a bit later. Right now, let’s just be safe.

Former Tech Executive: “A New Crisis is Brewing”

Jeff Brown called Bitcoin when it was just $240—giving his readers a chance at 270 times their money. He picked Tesla in 2018—before it soared over 1,400%. He called the #1 returning tech stock of 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

But he’s no stranger to disaster… His firm also predicted the dot-com crash in 2000 and the housing bubble in 2008.

And now, he’s come forward to warn of a disturbing new trend… something that he calls a “Tech Shock.” An event which could derail the post COVID recovery—and send the NASDAQ and high-flying tech stocks into a tailspin.

Click to Hear His New Warning

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