Phillip Morris (PM)

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Daily Trade Alerts

With growing fear of recession, dividend stocks offer safety. After all, companies with strong cash flows and attractive yields tend to outperform even the worst of markets. So, if you are looking for reliable income, here are some solid yielders.

Also, according to The Wall Street Journal: “Dividend stocks have become the new darling on Wall Street, and investors looking for income are pouring billions of dollars into them. These securities are considered a good buffer during times of market volatility. They also are seen as an inflation hedge, considering that S&P 500 dividend growth has outpaced inflation since 2000.”

Look at Phillip Morris (PM), for example, which carries a yield of 5.12% at the moment. Better, the stock could see another 20% of upside on smokeless tobacco, according to analysts at Jefferies. The firm also upgraded the PM stock to a buy with a $118 price target.


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