Target (TGT)

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Daily Trade Alerts

On August 3, we mentioned Walmart (WMT), as it traded around $131.59. This morning, the retailer is up another $4.41 to $17.01 after topping earnings expectations, and sticking with second half estimates. It’s also up on the back to school season.

A season that’s also pushing shares of Target (TGT) even higher, too.

Over the last few weeks, TGT ran from about $150 to $173.39. From here, with the season, we’d like to see TGT eventually refill its bearish gap around $210. Better, while investors wait for that to happen, they can collect a dividend yield of 2.49% along the way. Helping, JP Morgan just raised its price target on TGT to $190 from $180.


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