The 2021 holiday season is just weeks away.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to point you in the direction of what we believe could be some of the season’s biggest winners.

First up, Affirm Holdings (AFRM).

Affirm has been on fire since we highlighted it at $63 in early August.

With partnerships with Amazon and Target, the BNPL stock could easily see higher highs.

Even better, according to the company:

“Seven in 10 Americans say they typically go over budget during the holidays, according to new research from the first Affirm Consumer Spend Report, Affirm’s look at what consumers are up to—and where they’re headed next. With many Americans eager to make this year’s holiday season memorable, this year is no different. Affirm discovered nearly half (48%) plan to spend more money this year because they couldn’t celebrate like they normally would last year.”

With big spending likely with a BNPL account, Affirm could see $200 a share before year-end.

Next Up, WW International (WW).

WW International, or Weight Watchers is an interesting end of year trade.

In fact, if you look at a five year chart of WW, you can see the stock tends to rise around the holidays, with the exception of 2018. Down on its luck at the moment, the stock has become oversold at support dating back to late September 2020.

With leadership in transition, we’d use weakness as a. long-term opportunity.

Next is Apple (AAPL.).

Oversold, Apple is just starting to pivot higher. From a current price of $149, we’d like to see the stock closer to $157.50, near-term. Apple also has a strong history of running ahead of and during the holiday season. With new gadgets out, including the new iPhone 13, the stock could see another stellar holiday season ahead.

In addition, according to Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, as noted by Barron’s, “Apple announced the new hardware products heading into the holiday season and despite recent component shortages.” That includes new Macs and AirPods.

With that Ives added, “These products add to the biggest hardware product cycle at Apple in roughly a decade and remains a major growth catalyst for the story heading into 2022.”