Trade Alert – Cruise Lines

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Daily Trade Alert

Last Friday, we highlighted Fiverr (FVRR) as an opportunity.

After opening at $36.19 that day, FVRR has continued to explode higher. It now trades at $39.19 a share, and could be headed to $45, near-term.

As we noted, FVRR could benefit even more, as the virus drives substantial growth in remote freelance work, notes Forbes. Freelance companies like Contra, as also highlighted by Forbes, note, ““There is a fundamental shift to project based employment, tricky at first, but long term will lead to a renaissance in how we work and enable all of us to achieve greater work-life balance. COVID-19 is an accelerator to a trend that has been long overdue. We have seen a 10,000% increase in membership on our platform in the last month alone.”

Aside from FVRR, we’re finding big opportunities in cruise stocks.

Three of the top ones to consider include:

  • Carnival (CCL) , which ust bounced from a low of $7.80 to $14.46 on news of a bailout.
  • Royal Caribbean (RCL) ran from $22.25 to $41.59, and is set to open at $43.24.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) is getting in on the action after detailing a half a billion cut in spending.

While there’s not a lot of clarity on when cruise ships will get back to business as usual, a good deal of investors are betting the worst has already been priced in.

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