Trade Alert – Teladoc Health (TDOC)

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Daily Trade Alert

Just yesterday, we highlighted opportunities with Alpha Pro Tech (APT) and Moderna (MRNA) with the coronavirus still wreaking havoc.

Already, both are just beginning to push higher.

APT opened at $14.09 on Thursday, and is set to open at $16.55 this morning. MRNA opened at $63.05 and is set to open at $65.11. With the virus still hitting the headlines, both of these stocks could push to higher highs.

Another hot coronavirus-related stock to consider is again Teladoc Health (TDOC).

Weeks after the world reopened for business, we’ve started seeing new cases and hospitalizations in China, which just reported another outbreak. India and Brazil are seeing mounting cases, as are several U.S. states.

As a result, we may be forced to limit face-to-face contact even more, which could result in higher demand for telehealth. “Telehealth is ideally suited to meet the demands of inpatient care while at the same time reducing virus transmission, stretching human and technical resources, and protecting patients and healthcare workers in the inpatient care setting,” Duke University researchers in an article published in the Journal of American Informatics Association, as quoted by Healthcare IT News.

At the moment, TDOC trades at $193, but could easily soar well above $200, near-term.

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