This trade idea does carry higher risk.

Just days ago, CureVac (CVAC) plunged from about $95 to $47.12.

All after the company posted disappointing results from a late-stage CV trial with an effective rate 47%. According to a company press release, “In the unprecedented context of at least 13 variants circulating within the study population subset assessed at this interim analysis, CVnCoV demonstrated an interim vaccine efficacy of 47%.”

However, the CVAC stock is recovering on news the company won’t give up on the vaccine.

In fact, as noted by Barron’s, “Pierre Kemula, the company’s chief executive, told the Financial Times on Thursday that CureVac believed further analysis could lead to the vaccine being approved as a booster or for certain age groups.”

After running $4.11 on Friday, the stock is up another $2.15 in pre-market.